Tivoli Turns Ten 2007 - 2017

Oct 14 - end Nov 2017

Tivoli's tenth anniversary is marked by an ongoing exhibition and series of events over seven weeks.


The project takes a 'then and now' theme. It reprises our opening exhibition in 2007, our first book launch, and also honours our namesake, 'The' Tivoli, Liz Eastmond's father, Gregory Eastmond and partner's cinema, which opened in Tiverton, Devon, UK in 1932.  The cinema was boarded up in preparation for sale in 2007, when Tivoli Waiheke opened.


The focus of our 2007 opening exhibition was the animation  'There He Is' by Parekohai Whakamoe (Tuhoe) a dreamlike, poetic history of Tuhoe. Screening this overlapped with a major event of 2007, the Police Raids on Tuhoe, a North Island iwi, on October 15, 2007. The film immediately took on added significance.


Our 2017 opening by Pita Mahaki (Tuhoe), Director of Maori Studies, Waiheke High School, provided a framework for the animation's Tuhoe focus and for recent events, including imprisonments, police apologies and a Treaty of Waitangi settlement. In addition, on the week of Tivoli's 2017 opening, the 'Crown' 'pardoned' the Tuhoe leader and prophet Rua Kenana, 101 years after his wrongful incarceration.


A week after TTT's 2017 opening, Waiheke artist Lauren Nancarrow (Tuhoe) loaned her portrait of Rua Kenana. Lauren is a descendant of Rua Kenana.


Susie Newborn contributed a screenprint by Dion Hitchins (Tuhoe ) of Rua Kenana. Both works are now part of the exhibit.


The second event from 2007 returned to was our first book launch:


Georgina Murray's Capitalist Networks and Social Power in Australia and New Zealand (Ashcroft, 2007).


Georgina, Assoc-Professor of Political Economy at Griffith University, Brisbane, is the author of several publications on the political economy and on gender issues.  She has lectured at universities in New Zealand, Norway and China. Georgina's talk was on Oct 21. Keith Locke, now ex - Green Party MP, who had launched Georgina's book in 2007, returned for Georgina's talk.


Georgina was also a co-producer of the TTT's  ROGERCOMIC display. This is a witty and succinct comic-book project put together by members of the Socialist Alliance in 1985 in response to Rogernomics, New Zealand's version of Thatcherism and Reagonomics. Finance Minister Roger Douglas was appointed on July 14,1984. His theories have continued to dominate the New Zealand economy.


TTT overlapped with the recent New Zealand election (19 October)  resulting in the possibility of changes of policy under New Zealand's new Labour Party.  Winston Peters, ex-New Zealand First leader and now Foreign Minister referred, surprisingly to some, of New Zealand's downhill slide from the time of Douglas's appointment in 1984 and the necessity for capitalism 'to regain its human face'.


Craig Hilton, another Waihekean, contributed a timely 'found object' for this display: a book found in a 'reduced to clear' pile in a second-hand bookstore (for 50c): Roger Douglas's Completing the Circle.


Will the ROGERCOMIC need a sequel?


Other works by New Zealand artists exhibited at the 2007 opening feature in our 2017 TTT exhibition: et al (a new work 'News'), John Reynolds, Cloud Book Work, and James Ross, Red Book.


TTT also includes a display of vintage Penguins, an ongoing feature of Waiheke Tivoli, featuring cover art by Paul Hogarth, Romek Marber, Eduardo Paolozzi and others.


TTT includes references to the Tivoli of Antiquity and the Renaissance, and a photograph of Gregory Eastmond and his then business partner John Hamlin, from 1932.



-   A slideshow history of Tivoli by Fenner Eastmond

-   Trailers of the 3 Tivoli films screened at the 1932 opening, plus

    Metropolis (Fritz Lang)



-   A 7 min clip from a conversation between analyst Zaeem Baksh

-   and Stephen Chan  (Professor of International Relations, SOAS, University of London) 'As We Speak', on Tuhoe events prior to the November 2007 Court proceedings.

(Tivoli Media 2007)



The film program, all Saturdays at 6pm:


Oct 28  The Price of Peace, dir. Kim Webby, 2015, on Tuhoe

Nov 4   Metropolis, dir. Fitz Lang, 1927, spectacular futurist dystopia

Nov 11 Jack's the Boy, 1932, Brit slapstick comedy

Nov 18 'M', dir. Fritz Lang, 1932, noir thriller

Nov 25 Shanghai Express, 1932, Marlene Dietrich

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