CHRISTINA CONRAD The Accessories of A Mystical Globetrotter

June 3 - July 8 2017

Exhibition in association with the




Conrad has been described as an obsessive, 'outsider' artist, with the powerful, sometimes menacing, sometimes benign presence of her masks and icons sharing an intensity with tribal arts from East and West. The rawness, wild humour - and intricacy - of some of her works link with the aesthetics of Art Brut, while, she herself, laughing, characterises her work as 'the spillings of the unconscious'.


Conrad lives in Sydney. Widely exhibited in New Zealand, Australia and Europe, her poetry is published in books including the Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse (ed. Ian Wedde) and the Oxford Book of New Zealand Poetry (ed. Vincent O'Sullivan). She lived on Waiheke in the early seventies.



For installation and some individual works see grid below.


For photographs of each individual work, title and price, click here.

In an extraordinary poetic email interview Romanian/American poet and artist Gene Tanta asked Christina Conrad what she meant by saying that part of the creative process meant 'inhabiting the legend of the unjustly dead'


Conrad replies:


'We are the Legend

reflected in its singular eye

we try to possess it

squatting on illusions hump

we pitch into

The Legends velvet womb

giving birth to our own image

in the seductive shadow...'


Read more in The Stolen Wig of a Million Judges, Gene Tanta interviews Conrad

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