'Palestine Is Still The Issue' Cartoons By Malcolm Evans

June 2013




Malcolm Evans is one of Australasia's major cartoon artists. He worked for many

years for the New Zealand Herald.


This exhibition was programmed to link with the National Conference on Palestine, Auckland, June 22 - 23. Keynote speakers Yousef Aljamal and Israeli Activist Miko Peled (author, The General's Son).



click on images for larger version

These films accompany the exhibition:


Roadmap to Apartheid (on 22 June)

5 broken Cameras (on 27 June)



John Pilger - Palestine Is Still The Issue

Short film on Malcolm Evans

Interview with Miko Peled

Works in Gaza by Banksy, UK graffiti artist

Talks by Ilan Pappe

Films by Hue Ross - Teargas & Creative Resistance


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