Kazu Nakagawa Vessel Pencil and sumi - ink drawings courtesy Trish Clark Gallery

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February 3 - March 3  2018

Best known as a sculptor, installation and performance artist, in  'vessel', Waiheke-based Kazu Nakagawa focuses on works in the medium of pencil and sumi-ink drawing.


This suite of remarkable works on archival paper, some stretched over board, see Kazu exploring the highly suggestive motif of seemingly dimensional vessels or glasses - containers - sometimes clustering, sometimes brimming and overflowing. A very fine balance between control and spontaneity characterises these works - and Kazu's wider practice.


In four major pieces these motifs are apparently broken, or torn, into a diptych format with a delicate dark vertical gash washed and drawn with the finest of pencil strokes down either side of the centre. This is mark-making of the highest order, the term 'strokes', with its association with the tactile, the sensuous, especially appropriate to the concentrated sensitivity of the tiny flecks of curling lines.


Included in this exhibit are three sculptural pieces: a small object with a tiny staircase to nowhere, paddles from a major installation in last year's Waiheke biennale event, Sculpture on the Gulf, which incorporated a Niuean vaka, (in collaboration with composer Helen Bowater) and a chair/text work. (see titles on image grid)


Alongside Kazu's works are Bridget Quick's visual documentary film 'Knowing' (2015) and a wall-text poem dedicated to Kazu by Riemke Ensing.


Kazu Nakagawa was born in Tokyo and has lived in New Zealand on Waiheke since the nineteen-eighties. He has exhibited widely in New Zealand and Japan and has several works in off-shore and local collections. He exhibits with Trish Clark Gallery, Auckland.


This is Tivoli's final exhibition in its current location.


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Kazu working on 'Tivoli', Friday February 2, 2018

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