Jenna Packer UNSETTLED Making / Seeking Shelter

January  - March 2016

Jenna Packer is a Dunedin-based artist whose work consistently connects with major current issues.


Her subtle and surprising narratives weave around these topics in styles referencing eg: early New Zealand colonial painting, Renaissance fresco technique, Surrealism and Naive painting.


'Unsettled', in the artists words, is

"largely about different sorts of homelessness, local and global. I am thinking about people and forced movement, in the case of refugees and migrants and conversely the inability to move..."


Jenna has exhibited widely, most recently at the Milford Galleries,  Dunedin. She has worked and studied in France, the U.K, Morocco and New Zealand.


At the exhibition opening Carol Winstanley spoke on Waiheke housing issues.


Please contact Tivoli for sales enquiries.


all works acrylic on canvas and 2015 / 16 unless otherwise indicated

Jenna is with Milford Galleries, Dunedin


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