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May 2008

Five years after the invasion of Iraq, this exhibit featured Bruno Stevens's remarkable and disturbing series of photographs pre, during and post the invasion, cartoonist Malcolm Evans's works relating to Iraq and Palestine, Alexis Hunter's multi-part canvas, London 2005, (painted after the July bombing), U.K cartoonist Dave Brown's gruesome play on Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Double Portrait and a pre 9/11 photograph by Hunter with the Twin Towers in the background.


A significant component of the exhibit was a display in a small cell-like setting of a video presentation of pages from the diary of Harmeet Sooden, the Aucklander who was kidnapped and held captive in Baghdad along with 3 others.


An associated film program included The Iron Wall, Arna's Children, and Knowledge is the Beginning, The East-Western Divan Orchestra, (Daniel Barenboim).  A talk by Elizabeth Eastmond - Whose Promised Land? focused on Colin McCahon's 1948 painting The Promised Land and discussion of the exhibition.


Maher Mughrabi, foreign desk news editor for The Age Melbourne spoke on State of Siege - problems and prospects for Palestinians and Israelis.



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