Ellen Johansen & Michael Walker Recent Collaborations

March 2014

This exhibit focuses on recent collaborations investigating ideas of individual and cultural transformation.

Ellen Johansen studied in Seattle (U.S.) and has been exhibiting regularly

in New Zealand since 2007. Her colour-field-related works

are in NZ and off-shore collections.

Michael was a Goldsmiths College (London) student who gained his post-grad

Diploma from London's Central School of Art and Design. He has exhibited in

London (Whitechapel Art Gallery). Both artists were recently finalists in the

New Zealand Painting & Printmaking Awards.

1. Guisers


acrylic, brush & ink on paper



incl. GST

1. (detail)



Selection of other works by Ellen Johansen and Michael Walker on gallery monitor loop


2. (detail)



3. (detail)

4. (detail)

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