BIG WORLD small world John Perry's Global Village Antiques Helensville an installation

16 Dec 2017 - 27 January 2018

John Perry's vast treasure trove of curious, rare and quirky objects - Global Village Antiques - is well-known to many New Zealand art and antique lovers. John, curator, collector, artist, ex - Director of the Rotorua Museum and Art Gallery, houses his amazing collection in the Regent Cinema, Helensville and displays selections there as window art.


John is a well-known authority on New Zealand art, including 'outsider' art and New Zealand social and natural history.


Tivoli commissioned him to bring a sampling of his collection across

the water to Waiheke and Tivoli...


The display of intriguing objects range from Roman coins to Papua New Guinea arrows and masks, Thai Buddhas, Japanese woodblock prints, Staffordshire 'wally dugs', a Rolls Royce vintage toy with radio,1933 Wide World magazines for Men, a full set of Punch albums from 1840... to a delicately rusticated toast rack of uncertain age.


Welcome to Tivoli's temporary BIG WORLD small world installation, an Aladdin's cave of intriguing eclectica...



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