Barry C Hollands 1952 - 2016 A Tribute group portraits and landscape paintings

June - July  2016

Barry C Hollands was a well-known and much-liked Waihekean  and artist whose legacy to Waiheke is a number of beautiful and detailed Waiheke landscapes, and most importantly, several unique group portraits.


These included Islanders from all walks of life - from the person sketched walking past, to friends, through local bus drivers and real estate agents, to renowned creatives like performance artist Warwick Broadhead and local activist and identity Basil Holmes. Medicos (2013) a recent group portrait includes 73 figures - most of the Island medical staff - doctors, nurses, receptionists, care-givers, ambulance and helicopter staff.


Barry's style has links with 'Outsider' art, although Barry himself

was very much an insider in relation to the Waiheke community. He pursued his own singular approach, free from concerns with mainstream contemporary art fashions, and especially in his group portraits has left us with an extraordinary, and an extraordinarily precious record of recent Waiheke social history.


Tivoli is recording as many of Barry's Waiheke paintings as possible and a feature of the exhibition is an invitation to the community to help identify some of the literally hundreds of people depicted.


Tivoli acknowledges the Hollands family in allowing access to the exhibited works.


Please contact Tivoli for enquiries.




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