and... MULTIPLY! prints by NZ + UK artists

July - September  2014

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A selection of contemporary prints by New Zealand and British artists.


Artists from the U.K include Kiki Smith and

Rachael Whiteread, from N.Z, Sheyne Tuffery and Robyn Kahukiwa.


Techniques employed are monoprints, lithographs, wood block prints, silkscreen, etching, letterpress, inkjet prints and digital prints.


Two works are in concertina form: John Reynolds' Cloud Book Work and the illustrated panorama by Joe Sacco, The Great War July 1, The Batlle of the Somme, The First Day, (Random House 2013).


9 of the 21 works in the exhibit are from the edition of  prints commissioned by the UK educational/creative

children’s art charity group The House of Fairy Tales, started by Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis in 2007.

There are 22 prints in each suite, each one by a major UK artist, and referencing directly or obliquely the world of fairy tales.


Each print, framed, from Tivoli is $1750

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