'I'm Not An Artist !' 100 PAINTINGS BY SUE SOO

Jan 21 - Feb 25 2017


Sue Soo (1926 - 2016) is one of New Zealand's acclaimed

so-called 'outsider' artists with a substantial art world following.


With no formal training she launched into painting at 55 - and did not stop until she passed away last year.


Based mainly in Wellington, where a number of galleries including the City Gallery have shown her work, Sue's magical world is one of joyful dancers, parading animals, birds, flowers and landscapes, some a mix of Western and Eastern features.


She used discarded materials like rice sacks, pumice or corrugated cardboard from boxes as the ground for her entrancing and exuberant imagery.


Sue was born in China and arrived in New Zealand as a war refugee in 1944.


Her granddaughter Joanne Kwok will open the exhibition.


Tivoli would like to acknowledge the support of Sue Soo's family, especially Joanne Kwok; Janet Bayly, Director, Mahara Gallery, Waikanae, where many of Sue Soo's works are stored; Jill Trevelyan, art historian and curator; Derek Schulz, writer; Frances Jill Studd, artist; Lynda Chanwai Earle RNZ producer.



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